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Austpaper is an Australian privately owned family business that has been in operation for over 30 years. Austpaper founded in 1990 is a leading wholesale paper supplier to the Art & Craft, Educational, Packaging, Florist and Retail markets. Austpaper’s comprehensive range covers a wide range of products across all of these areas; our continued commitment towards improvement across all aspects of our business ensures Austpaper continues to be an industry leader in the field of paper product supply.

Austpaper’s professional and efficient team allows for flexibility and quick change for each of our customer demands .Austpaper is consistently sourcing the world for new contacts allowing Austpaper’s extensive product range to be relevant with worldwide market trends.

Austpaper is always searching the supply market to ensure that our customers are receiving the right quality product for the right price. This is achieved through our expansive global network and by direct visits to assess the real capability of potential new suppliers.

New and expanded initiatives from front office to the warehouse allows Austpaper to perform efficiently as possible whilst still being able to implement long term strategies to further expand and improve the quality of our work operations.